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High Scope Curriculum

Children are active learners, that is, they learn best from activities that they themselves help select, plan, and carry out that give them direct experience with people, materials, events, and ideas. Click here for more information about the HighScope Curriculum or Key Developmental Indicators (Curriculum Content).

1. Approach calmly, stopping any hurtful actions.
2. Acknowledge children’s feelings.
3. Gather information.
4. Restate the problem.
5. Ask for ideas for solutions and choose one together.
6. Be prepared to give follow-up support.


The growth and development of each child is recorded for the purposes of program planning and parent information. We use the HighScope Child Observation Record (COR) intended for use in early childhood settings including Infant and Toddlers. Classroom teachers regularly record notes on a child’s behaviors, experiences, and interests. Teachers use these notes to assess each child’s development and to plan activities that facilitate their growth and development. They also use these notes in parent meetings to better understand the child’s unique abilities and interests, to anticipate future stages of development, and appropriate responses that support and encourage the child.

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