Infant Toddler Families

Learning Village gives us the peace of mind that we were looking for in a daycare. Our son is flourishing and grows every day. It is a joy to watch him learn and grow in such a positive environment.
Jim and Jen Coyle

The Learning Village has been a blessing for our family! We came from a larger, chain daycare center and were not happy. Since we’ve made the change our daughter has flourished! The infant/toddler teachers are wonderful! I love how the class sizes are smaller and it seems like the children get a lot of one on one attention. My two year old daughter LOVES going to school every day and her little sister just started as well. I know they are both in extremely good hands! I 100% recommend the Learning Village!
Brandon and Danielle Phillips


Preschool Families

As a working parent, the most critical decision you can make is where to send your children for childcare. They say it takes a village to raise a child and the staff of the Learning Village are the most important people in our village. The care that they give to our two children is better than anything we could have hoped for. My boys are thriving, learning and becoming caring and responsible people because of the curriculum and care they receive. I am grateful every day to have the Learning Village in our community.
Trevor and Nancy Stefanick

I only wish we knew about the Learning Village when our daughter started attending a child care center at 5 months old! But through attending two other centers, we finally found the perfect fit at Learning Village. Within a week, we noticed how independent and confident our daughter was becoming with everything from hand-washing to starting to use the restroom to serving herself food at meals all due to the daily routine and curriculum. The practical life, creative, and free play activities, along with lots of outdoor time set Learning Village ahead of other centers we had toured. Every day at drop-off, when we open the door, her friends greet her happily by name and she returns the greeting. At pick-up time the good-byes and hugs are plentiful then we walk to the car as she tells us all about her day and her friends. The staff is always top notch with very low turnover so relationships are able to be built between child and caregiver and parent. I could go on all day about the Learning Village…we are a happy, strong family because they are a part of our family and we are a part of their village.
Brad and Nicki Poer

Kindergarten Families

We want to express our appreciation again for the wonderful work you do at Learning Village. You have all done a fantastic job helping Alex get ready for Kindergarten. The curriculum has given him a very strong foundation and helped develop an excitement for learning. We recently received a letter in the mail from Kalamazoo Public Schools on what is expected for him to be able to do at the end of the school year and there are already a number of things we can check off the list. We think it is great that with the help of KCReady 4s other children will get to have the same opportunity.
Thanks again!
Dave and Alissa Estey

Because of KCReady 4s both of our children have/are attending preschool five days each week for pre-kindergarten. Two years ago we were lucky enough to have our daughter, then age four, attend Learning Village. Being enrolled in a center that participates in KCReady 4s has been a wonderful experience; truly a win-win for all. The teachers attend superb trainings, the children receive high quality education, and tuition assistance is available for those parents that qualify. We now know firsthand the varying abilities kindergarteners have at the beginning of the school year. With the help of programs such as KCReady 4s, the children entering kindergarten will not have such a wide gap and be more on the same level. We are definitely glad to be a part of this program again this year with our four year old son attending Learning Village. Thank you for yet again setting the standards high for kindergarten readiness.
Whitney and Lisa Hansen